Concrete Sealers

Concrete sealers are our specialty here at the Concrete Warehouse, where we have a wide range of clear or coloured concrete sealers to suit every application. Our sealers are manufactured from the highest quality resins and are suitable for sealing driveways, paths and patios. If you would like your concrete to look great, call us today and we will help you make the right sealer choice.

Our range


Pen Shield AC25 – High gloss sealer ideal for all concrete surfaces including broom finish, exposed and stencil concrete finishes:

20ltr $139.10 plus GST


Same Day Sealer – Acrylic sealer specifically designed to be applied the same day as the concrete is poured, assists in the curing of the concrete:

20ltr $129.00 plus GST


One Coat Sealer – High solids Acrylic sealer that gives a high build finish in one coat:

20ltr $ 158.00 plus GST

Wet Look Concrete Sealers

*Trade discounts apply for ABN holders*
Coloured Concrete Sealer

We have 18 colours available on our in house colour card, a colour card brochure will be available shortly. Colours can be viewed at our warehouse:

20ltr $213.40 plus GST

Penetrating Landscape Sealers


We have a wide range of CONPELL penetrating sealers available in store, products include: Pen Shield, Supreme Pen, Shield Enhance, Pen Shield WB, Pen Shield Ultra, Pen Shield Ultra WB.

For more information on our wide range of penetrating sealers, see our suppler Conpell's page here:

Penetrating Sealers information page