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Brisbane Concrete Grinder Hire


We are concrete grinder hire experts with a huge range of machines to help on your project. Whether you are a first time renovator having a go at a DIY polished concrete project or a floor finisher with years of concrete grinding experience we have the right choice of concrete polishing or concrete grinding machine for you and we hire only H Class vacuums to minimise dust exposure to everyone around.  If you need to hire a grinder for floor preparation or concrete polishing we will make sure you have the right machine for the job and can even get you setup and make sure you are comfortable using the grinder, we have the best range of grinders available in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 


Our concrete grinding hire packages include the following:

Concrete Grinder, dust extracting vacuum(only H Class vacuums are used), the necessary leads and hoses required. See our DIY Gallery to see some of the projects completed by our customers.

Concrete grinder hire Brisbane
Single phase concrete grinder hire.

280 Series Single head single phase concrete grinder hire. Great for trip hazards, glue removal or any where a larger grinder cant access.

Will get right to the edge. Husqvarna PG280 grinder with 2 motor vacuum $350.00 plus GST per day. $1050.00 plus GST per week.


400 Series Single phase three head concrete grinder/polisher hire.

Perfect for grinding of decorative finishes such as grind and seal as well as polished concrete. Redback 450 grinder with 2 motor vacuum $475.00 plus GST per day. $1,425.00 per week. Husqvarna PG460 with 2 motor vacuum $400.00 plus GST per day. $1,200.00 plus GST per week.

Concrete grinder hire Gold Coast
Three phase concrete grinder hire.
600 Series

Triple head three phase concrete grinder hire.

With a 650mm cut it is the perfect machine for do it yourself polished concrete finishes or preparing large areas above 100sqm ready for coatings.

We have available the Redback RB650mm grinder with S36 Vacuum or Tornado T8 650mm grinder with TIV3000 vacuum for $675.00 plus GST per day or $2,025.00 plus GST for weekly hire.


Diamond shoes will be charged separately as an addition to the grinder hire. 


Our diamonds are charged out as follows: Floor area up to 30sqm $50.00, up to 60sqm $100.00, up to 100sqm $150.00, all areas above 100sqm the purchase of a full set of diamonds is required. All prices are plus GST

Scarifier trip hazard machine hire
Concrete Scarifier hire
$320 per day - $1600 per week (includes vacuum extractor) & excludes GST.



Our Edco scarifiers(sometimes called concrete planers) are capable of removing lips and trip hazards in concrete and shaving high spots in floors faster than that of a regular diamond concrete grinder.

3 phase generator hire Brisbane
Generator Hire
$175 per day - $525 per week


Don't have the power to run our grinders? No Problems. We also hire three phase generators to run our concrete grinders and three phase dust extraction vacuums.

Available 3 Phase Models:

30 & 50 Kva Tandem Trailer mount units

16Kva Portable - As pictured

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3 phase generator hire to run concrete grinder hire

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* All prices exclude GST

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