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Supplying concrete reinforcing, accessories, Extrusion Facilities construction products and Master Finish concreting tools to the Brisbane concreting industry.

Master Finish
Concrete Tools

Ultimate range of trowels, screeds, striaght edges,trowel machines, vibrating shafts, wheel barrows and cement mixers.


Extrusion Facilities

Huge range of products including screeds, trowels, replacement trowelling machine blades, personal protective equipment and more!


Top Line

Top quality range of stainless steel hand & walking tools, made with care and built to last.


Slab on Ground Chairs

Slab-on-ground spacers are made to cover two heights

They have a flat base to minimise penetration through the waterproof membrane

Vapour Stop Builders Film

Provides a moisture and vapour barrier for use with slab on ground construction.


Tie Wire

Coils of black annealed tie wire used in steel fixing.

  • Available in 1.6mm and 3.15mm diameters.


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