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Dow 888 Silicone Joint Sealant Supplier

Brisbane & Gold Coast

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Dow 888 Brisbane

Dow Corning® 888 Silicone Joint Sealant can be used as the original sealant in new concrete construction or as a remedial or repair sealant in old construction


Dow 888 is a Low-modulus silicone sealant for new and remedial joint sealing applications in Portland cement concrete.

It can be used for Sealing transverse contraction and expansion joints, longitudinal, center line and shoulder joints in Portland cement concrete (PCC)

  • Easy to use

  • All-temperature gunnability 

  • Un-primed adhesion  

  • Seals irregular surfaces 

  • High movement capability 

  • Low modulus  

  • Fully elastic

  • Resilient

  • Good weather ability 

  • Fast cure – typically tack-free surface in one hour or less

  • Long-life reliability

  •  One-part, cold-applied silicone that cures to a durable, flexible, lowmodulus silicone rubber joint sealForms a permanent internal moisture barrier in the concrete, eliminating the risk of moisture compromising floor coverings, coatings, adhesives or sealers.

Typical Applications:
  • Airport runways

  • Car parks

  • Foot paths

  • Basements

  • Bridges

  • Concrete roofs

  • Swimming pools

  • Roads

  • Marine structures

  • Precast panels

  • Any concrete elements

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