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Brisbane x220 Moisture Fix Supplier

Moisture Fix supplier Brisbane

X220 Moisture Fix is blue in colour and has been formulated to provide the installer the most cost effective method to eliminate the risks and problems associated with sub-floor moisture problems. Moisture Fix® is a single pack ready to use (no mixing) deeply penetrating, safe, odourless easy to apply liquid that allows early site access (foot traffic in 1 hour) and in most cases ready to accept floor prep and coverings in 24 hours. Conforms to the moisture suppressant requirements as per AS1884-2012

PLEASE NOTE: Over burnishing the concrete will impede the penetration of Moisture-Fix

Features & Benefits:
  • Forms a permanent internal moisture barrier in the concrete, eliminating the risk of moisture compromising floor coverings, coatings, adhesives or sealers.

  • Application by broom or low pressure spray.

  • Will cure concrete equal to water pond curing.

  • Reduces risk of cracking and slab curl.

  • Permanently integrally waterproofs concrete from any direction

  • Makes concrete impermeable, increasing longevity.

  • Exceptional densifier and hardener for concrete.

  • Increases compressive strength.

  • Resists freeze thaw damage.

  • Limits the environment for fungus and mould growth.

  • Retards efflorescence.

  • Can be used on vertical or horizontal substrates.

  • Zero VOC, environmentally friendly, user safe.

  • Compatibility with most flooring systems.

  • After trade friendly.

  • 15 year warranty on new concrete

  • Unlimited shelf life.

  • Permanent waterproofing

  • AS1884-2012 compliant

  • Easy Application

Typical Applications:
  • Areas to receive applied finishes and floor coverings

  • Car parks

  • Foot paths

  • Basements

  • Bridges

  • Concrete rooves

  • Swimming pools

  • Roads

  • Marine structures

  • Precast panels

  • Any concrete elements

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